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Sunday, November 30, 2003 |
Calm Before the Storm
Today, for the most part, was calm. Nothing much of anything really happenned. Uncle Myron was making some music selections for the wake, songs Yimo liked. He was also working on the finishing touches for the eulugy. Umma was making some bannana nut bread for the wake. I was helping make the bread (Stupid walnuts. Why are you so hard to chop?). And then Cindy and her entire family - husband, 2 daughters, 2 grand children - came over. At first, I thought they were good people, as they asked if we needed anything. But then they invited themselves to our dinner, and so quickly fell out of favor. Cindy, for the most part, lives in Korea with her younger daughter. her husband travels around a lot. We got some good stories of how the Korea of today is holding up, at least the higher end of the spectrum. They left at 11:30pm, and as soon as I showed them out the door, Umma and Uncle Myron collapsed into bed. So I closed up the house, and noted that next time somebody dies, we kick people out of the house by 10pm, the night before the wake.

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