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Tuesday, November 25, 2003 |
Give Me Space ...
One of things that don't really capture well in pictures is that there is a lot of space out here. There's nearly nothing on the drive in but desert. Lake Havasu is a fairly big city, but there ain't that much around it, and when you make the Southern aproach you have to pass a few steep blasted passes. Parker is fairly populated as well, although you couldn't guess it from the number of people on the street. The house actually has some nearby neighbors, about half a mile to a mile down the road each way. And the famers are working in the fields regularly enough that you're near people. But then you just look around to the mountains to the West, the plateau to the East, and the desert North and South, and you come to appreciate just how much space there is. . . . . . . . . . . In a related note, mom was telling me a funny story of when her brothers, the elder and the 2nd elder (Mom is the Eldest) came to visit from Korea just three weeks ago. They flew in to LA, then to Vegas. Mom and Mimi (the neice-in-law) picked them up. And then they drove. Drove the 5 hour drive to the house. At Lake Havasu, the elder brother asked if they were there yet, he was sure they were finally there. Nope, and hour to go. At Parker he asked if they were there yet, he was sure they were finally there. Nope, another 17 miles to go. Finally, when they go to the house, they were simply exahusted. How far had they come? So Mom had to relate it by analogy. It was as if they had flown into Seoul, and then drove out to Chaeju Island, which, if you know any Korean geography, is pretty much driving the entire distance of South Korea. Which, of course, is nothing compared to the distances myself and Churl had to travel. As if flying in from Calcutta to Seoul, then driving to Chaeju Island. And all while still in the good old USA. No change in dialect like China (accent, yes, dialect, no). What a big place to live when compared to Korea.

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