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Monday, November 24, 2003 |
Morphine's Not Enough
Yimo was doing better today. She took 4 naps, 1.5 hours apiece, for a total of 6. She was mostly lucid with the hospice people. But then she fell apart. At first, she was running a brief lucid period every 5 minutes, just enough time to complain and scream, but when you ask her what's wrong, she's slipped out into a daze. And that quickly degenerated into hallucinations (asking for grandad and grandma, ho have both been dead for years), and then into gibberish (shouting something in Korean and then counting 1 to 10 very quickly) and screaming. Again, a screaming episode for about 30 seconds, then 3 minutes of dazed, and another screaming fit. We gave her some new medication, Lorazepam, which at first made her a little more hysterical, but finally she's settled down and getting some sleep. Which is good because we need some sleep.

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