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Thursday, November 27, 2003 |
Turkey Day
Today was pretty much like every other. Yimo was sleeping most of the day. Since she stopped eating or drinking anything, even the morphine, she's been sleeping nearly all the time, her breathing very labored. Doesn't look like it'll be long now. But occassionally she wakes to moan in pain or call for her mommy or grandma. The good part of this, if you want to call it a good part, is that we were for the most part free to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Uncle Myron, Yimo's husband, had to go to work the swing shift, which was a bit of a shock for us. So we had Yimo's good friend over, Maxine, who had been helping us greatly to look after Yimo, and Maxine's daughter Mimi. Of course, for lunch Maxine sent over her thanksgiving platter. So I was all turkeyed up when it was time for dinner. Doh. Turkey, stuffing, broccoli, yams, gravy, your typical Thanksgiving setup. But, as usual, mom went all to the nines with the place settings. The silver came out, the fancy plates, the wine glasses, the silver centerpiece, etc. They were very impressed. And afterwards, Mimi and I carved the rest of the turkey and blamed each other for breaking the bag and leaking turkey juice everywhere. Gobble Gobble.

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