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Tuesday, December 30, 2003 |
Complaints of Our Lives
I am not happy. I usually purchase Hallmark cards, despite the higher prices, because I've always been happy with their quality. This time around, however, has me questioning the wisdom of that policy. Since I forgot to buy cards after Christmas last year, I had to pay full price this year, but I got a box of cards anyway. Spent a night writing them up (See Wed Dec 24th blog entry), and dutifully mailing them out. And then I get a nice email from Kirk that he got my envelope but not my card. Stupid glue on the envelope must have come off. I had noticed that the envelopes were having trouble staying closed when I was licking and mailing at the post office (I do a last minute check to make sure the right cards are in the right envelopes). At work we are having a late holiday grab-bag (ie: Secret Santa). We were supposed to have it before Christmas, but being the crizaziness before year end, we had to delay it until tomorrow. Of course, I thought it was yesterday. So on Sunday I dropped everything, including laundering my colors, and ran off to midtown before the stores closed, no idea in my head of what to get. The Swatch Store seemed like a good place to go, so off I went. Despite the mad crush of people in Times Square, and the mad crush of people inside (Where were all those teenage Asian girls when I was in high school?), I managed to select a nice watch for my co-worker. I bought it, had it gift wrapped, and asked for a gift receipt, because ladies are very fickle with their style, and she might not like the one I selected (this was a big selling point, btw, when I was deciding with the store clerk).
    register girl: "I'm sorry, we don't have gift receipts."
    me: "...."
    register girl: "You know, a lot of people ask for that. But we don't have any."
    me: "But this is a gift! What if they want to exchange it?"
    register girl: "They can always use the receipt."
    me: "But I paid with a credit card!"
    register girl: "Oh ... I guess you'll have to come with her."
    voice in my head: "You're gonna be late for bowling ..."
    me: "grrrrr"
Are these people still in the stone age? (Actually, they might be, the salesgirl used the card roll thing to swipe my card, carbonless copy and all, apparently they've never seen an electronic card swipe device.) Do they not want you to give away their watches as gifts? Because I certainly am not going to be doing that again. . . . . . . . . . . I wasted an hour yesterday trying to find addresses of the presidents of both companies (I found it for Hallmark, not yet for Swatch Group US). Will probably waste another hour writing letters of complaint

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