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Wednesday, December 24, 2003 |
Gifts All Tucked by the Bed
It's been a crazy few days. Despite massive back pain, I had to wrap the 44 gift boxes the boss wanted to give to all our associates. So, I had to suck up the pain and go to work. And wrap wrap wrap. It was actually not that bad. That is, until I got home and then my back decided to let me know all night long that it was not very happy. I was prepared to ignore the lessons learned the day before, because I'm honestly not that bright, but at the last second I stayed at home. Which was nice, as I just napped all day long. To loosen up the back, I took a few short walks, actually getting some minor Christmas shopping done. But by 10pm, it was becoming horribly apparent that I had gotten no cards or wrapping done. Two hours later, I'm sprawled out all over the floor, because I simply can't sit, cards and paper and tape all around me, at the center of some twisted Christmas tornado. I'm stamping cards with my special name seal (it's a very nice square one with my Chinese character name, it only comes out for special occasions), setting them aside to let the red bean ink dry, half wrapping a gift, writing a draft of a card, writing a real card, stamping said card, and then repeating the cycle of Christmas hell. But at last the gifts were all given out, even the ones I had to buy at the grocery store on the way to work because I remembered people at the last minute. My back was nice and loose thanks to the heating pads I had put on it. And I actually got some gifts this time around, which was a shock. Unlike, apparently, all my co-workers, I wait until Christmas Day to open everything. So if you sent me a card, thank you very much, but it still sits sealed until tomorrow. Sits by my bed. Just waiting for me to wake up and tear them all open. . . . . . . . . . . I called Arizona, and to my shock, Churl was there! That punk never tells me anything. At least they got the too expensive flowers I sent.

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