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Sunday, December 21, 2003 |
Not My Night
Sitting down to put on my socks, when all of a sudden a sharp jabbing pain from my back stops me in my tracks. 10 minutes later, I 'm finally able to lie down on the floor. And then, for reasons that completely escape me, I leave the house to try and go bowling. After the second frame, it becomes painfully obvious that this is a mistake. And yet I manage to bowl a 95. . . . . . . . . . . Bowling Update: Week 10 Game 1: 113 Game 2: 151 Bowling Update: Week 11 Game 1: 95 Game 2: 106 (they used my average of 113 minus 7 pins) . . . . . . . . . . There is a reason I go 25 minutes (1 hour 23 minutes if I'm at home) one way out of my way to rent DVD's. People make fun of me, and rightly so, for using the Tower DVD rental up by Cooper Union, in MANHATTEN of all places, when I could just go to the Blockbuster's on 18th Ave in Brooklyn. But there is a reason. I don't know if it is a feature of that particular Blockbuster, or of the chain as a whole, but they never have anything I'm ever looking for. Star Wars, Attack of the Clones? Nope The Matrix or The Matrix: Reloaded? Nope So why would I think that they would have a copy of Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers is beyond me. Perhaps my back pain was too much, and the beer had me a little too woozy. At first I grabbed a previously-used for sale box by accident. Waited in line for 15 minutes to be informed of that mistake. Then I grabbed the empty box by accident. Waited in line for only 3 minutes to find that out. And then they checked if anybody returned one of their only two copies available for rent. 30 copies for sale, only 2 copies for rent. And it's not like anybody will want to see that movie, I mean with the final installment in the trilogy having openned in theatres yesterday and all. Dumbasses. So, next year I'll be getting a Netflix account. In the meantime, I'll be tossing all my Blockbuster cards, as from this moment forth, I shall never ever ever again even attempt to spend my hard earned money there. Never.

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