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Tuesday, December 02, 2003 |
On the Road Again
I lost $2 to the nickel slots, which I shouldn't have, as I was ahead by $1. But then I got greedy, and didn't cash out when I should have. Breakfast was overpriced at the casino, I am so not going back there again unless the other casinos are much higher in price. And the airport was completely uneventful. I made poor dressing decisions, as I packed up all my clothes in my luggage. A polo shirt was fine for Vegas, but when you can see your breath on the skyway in Minnesota, that's a clue you should have at least worn the sweater. It was my first time to the Minneapolis/St. Paul hub. And it was certainly better then the old Detroit Metro and Memphis, but not as nice as Vegas or the new Detroit Metro. A LOT of walking was involved, but since my flight was delayed an hour, I had time to get ripped off at the airport chinese food vendor. Wok & Roll blows, FYI, if you are ever in Minneapolis/St. Paul airport (MPS airport I think they call it). . . . . . . . . . . The flight was half full, and my row was empty, so I grabbed the window seat. Looking out the window, and checking the map, I try and figure out where I'm at. There were a bunch of towns which looked too populated for Canada or Wisconsin. But we couldn't possibly be over Pennsylvania yet. So I gave up and typed up my blog, when lo and behold, I looked next out my window, and I saw a familier configuration. Detroit! I've flown past too many times to not know the land, we must have been flying right above 12 mile road, or possibly 8, because it was only the downtown I saw. Now, a gingerale and pretzles later, I can't tell if we're nearing Cleavland or Buffalo, but it is a pretty sight to behold.

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