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Tuesday, January 06, 2004 |
Surly Waitress Included at No Extra Charge
The Joan tour continued yesterday, in classic fashion. Joan used to work with us, but she moved on up to the home office. The high life certainly seems to agree with her, as she seems much more relaxed now then she did when she was with us. Being Irish, and a foodie, we settled on a local pub she had heard good things about called Beckett's, on Pearl Street. The atmosphere was chic Irish, with nice backlit walls and clean polished wood, with higher prices to match. Sheperd's Pie wasn't really a pie, but it tasted very good (although a little sweeter then I expected). But adding on the 2 $5 beers, the 2 $5 pies, and the 2 $2 coffees, and next thing you know I'm shelling out $72. And that's not including the coat check tip. Though overpriced by far, it all pretty much fit in with the atmosphere of the place. Which is to say, faux Irish. That is, until the surly waitress came over and started taking our orders. Ahh, at last something familier. Bad attitude and slightly worse service, all with an Irish accent. Now we're feeling more authentic. But not enough to consider ever going back there.

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