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Friday, February 25, 2005 |

Originally uploaded by akanie.
I like to use flickr as a stock photography site to punch up the look of this blog. I'm always careful to use only Creative Commons licensed pictures, as even the most basic CC license allows for distribution for non-commercial purposes (and attribution). Thanksfully flickr's BlogThis function takes care of the attribution and posts the photo to my blog automatically, so there's very little effort on my part.

The problem with flickr is that it's filled with photography that people want to put up. If nobody wants to put up a picture of Manhattan Clam Chowder, then it won't be there.

Which is a problem for a day like today, where I want to insert some humerous little lines about my lunch and how it was all red. Because, you see, there is only 1 CC licensed photo marked as clam chowder, and as you can see, it's clearly New England style.

But otherwise, for the most part, it's a really nifty tool to use. I'm surpised more blogs don't do this.

Oh, and the soup was pretty good.

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