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Friday, February 18, 2005 |
flickr Does Meetup
It's late, and I want to hop into bed right quick, but first some quick thoughts. Breaking my cardinal rule, again, I went to the flickr meetup at the 11th Street Bar. Met some people I met before, which was funny because we had our own little clique to begin with (which sadly locked out a few people to begin with, as well, but more on that later). Met a few people I've been hoping to meet, as I greatly admire their work. Had too much beer (which is to say, only 1, as I am a lightweight). And met a few people I didn't expect to meet at all. But all on that when I have the time, for now, let's go with a few lessons learned. I learned that when I drink everything becomes funny. I learned that before I go dissing someone, I should make sure they aren't there in front of me before I make an ass of myself. I learned, to my great suprise, that my photos are actually looked at by people. I learned that everybody in the world but I are using a D70. I learned that when meetups aren't fun for people, they leave; which is better then my tactic of staying and being miserable (I wasn't this time, but I've been miserable before). I learned that I am not as considerate as I think I am. I learned that if it's cold out and you drink a big beer, you should use the restroom before taking a 2 hour trip back home. I learned that it's not all luck, as I am taking some nice shots with really inferior technology. So thank you flickr, and my fellow flickrers, for tonight I learned that I'm not so bad after all (photo-wise. I'm all torn up about how I acted as an ass towards some people, whom I will name and apologize to in tomorrow's post).

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