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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 |
It's Official, Metafilter Jumped The Shark
As I said before, the blogsphere is abuzz about Kottke. It should have been no suprise to me that it made metafilter. What happened next, kind of shocked me into my senses. The vitriol of the first 100 comments is reason enough alone, but what ericost said pretty much crystallized what I had been feeling for a while now. I am willing to pay good money for amberglow and co. to Shut The FUCK Up. And if I'm willing to do that, and that crap is all over Metafilter, then why, WHY, am I wasting my time on Metafilter in the first place? J-Walk blog is a better source of interesting tin-foil hat free links, as is Monkeyfilter is a little light on the talent nowadays, but I can contribute some more myself, and the community is much better. And flickr ... well, I think I may quit my job just to flickr all day. So it's official, metafilter is dead to me. As soon as I have a free moment, I'll pull the feed from the site.


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