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Monday, February 14, 2005 |
Lonely Hearts Club, minus Band
It comes again. Valentines Day. Unlike other people, I don't think it necessary to rail and rant on about this day and the commercialism. It didn't start out as a fake holiday, like Sweetest Day or Meatless Fridays. It was a real holiday, long associated with romance, or at least fertility. And just because we should have sucked out its soul and replaced it with empty commercialism, is no reason to get upset, for we did it all the while keep our eyes open to that fact. Did you make a Valentine's Day card from construction paper, Elmer's glue, and sparkle like when you were 10? Did you build a greenhouse to grow your roses in winter? Did you purchase raw chocolate and nutmeg and strawberries to make homemade treats for your sweetie? Did you even prepare a gourmet meal at home? Or did you just cop out and buy all that crap, restaurant reservations included, on And which do you really prefer, the handmade, or whatever drivel Hallmark slaps into your gaping maw? Apparently, for so many, it is the latter. So if the holiday so personally offends your sensebilities, I suggest you shake your fist at all the lovers and save your righteous indignation on corporate evil for something significant. Of course, if you are single and alone this day, then feel free to shake your fist at anything remotely related to this day. *shakes fist at kissing couple in the street*

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