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Monday, February 14, 2005 |
Tivo For the Radio
My dad likes to listen to the radio, which makes a lot sense as he drives a lot. What I'm not liking is that he's listening to a lot of talk radio, which means he's either becoming more pop psych or more right wing. I get to hear the sage advice of Laura Schlesinger, the moderate views of Monica Crowley, and the random bits of stuff from Mark Simone. Its beginning to get on my nerves. However, he also likes to listen to classical music, random stuff on NPR, and other assorted programs, especially on the weekend. This little device seems to be the perfect item for a birthday gift. Of course, it is expensive, needs manual control, and it'll take me a few weeks to explain the whole Tivo concept to Dad. What I found odd, however, was that when I read the title, my first thought was how it would be perfect for recording Prarie Home Companion and This American Life. So it was a little odd that Mitch Kapor thought the exact same thing too.


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