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Monday, March 28, 2005 |
Another Photography Event, Another Lateness
I really SHOULD be working here for another two hours. There's a lot of filing and packing that I really have to do. I need to do. That being said, I think I'll cut out early (if 7pm = early) and head over to Williamsburg for an informal photography show at Landscapes Cafe. At the very least I might be able to score some dinner, which I might need to keep awake for the trainride home. Hard to believe that I've not yet ventured into the land of hipsters, but I chaulk it up to two things. 1) I'm a Manhattan snob. I grew up in El Barrio (barely), and thus if it's not in The City, I'm not all that interested. 2) I'm still stuck in the past, where Williamsburg, LES, and Alphabet City are places one goes to if one wants to become another crime statistic. These were bad bad places back in the day, and not places one really should go on a dark rainy night. I guess I'll give it a quick go and see how it goes. Maybe I'll try out the old Spotmatic tonight. I'm just burning through a test roll of Ilford HP5. It would also help if I actually got off my duff and went out instead of typing in my blog. Which reminds me, I've got to find a good lab to develop this stuff. Darn you film! *shakes fist at legacy media* (It would also help if I actually got off my duff and went out instead of typing in my blog.) [edit: It would also help if stupid Blogger would stop eating my posts. Stupid Blogger.]

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