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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 |
Cartoon Ham Pin
I was reading my buddy's blog recently, and he was talking all about some red pin campaign run by the American Heart Association to promote awareness of women's heart health. Now, setting aside my usual rant on women's health (Men die on average before women ... so shouldn't we be concentrating on men's health?), he was going on about the red dress pin part of the campaign, and how it looked like a cartoon ham at first. Which, of course, got me all thinking about how I can get a cartoon ham pin made up. How many colors I would need (maybe three), how I could grab a nice cartoon ham drawing (screen cap of a Tom & Jerry cartoon, preferably from the Hanna Barbara period), how much would this cost ($200 probably), what would I do with all the pins from a 100 order run (free gift for the next flickr meetup). Of course, I'll never do it. But I'll probably spend the rest of tonight dreaming of my ham lapel pin. Methinks that the American Heart Association should probably start a campaign just for me. That much meat can't be healthy. Oh, and asswich.

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