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Sunday, March 27, 2005 |
Chasing Thom: There Is No Phone

Chasing Thom: There Is No Phone
Originally uploaded by LarimdaME.
What did I do today besides laundry and church? I tried to continue my Chase series, where I find a really good pic by a NYC based flickrite, and then totally rip off their shot. I call it homage, however.

I've always admired Thom's work for a while now, especially his ability with the macro lens. This is no small feat, as he is just using a credit card style point and shoot Sony camera.

He has this picture of a phone on 61st and York, and I figured it would be an easy shot. Me on the phone, something mildly witty about Thom not being in at the moment. A simple thing to do, really.

Except when I get to 61st and York, there is no phone I ask at the gas station, and they point me to a phone on 62nd that is no good. I try and go inside the parking garage, but then alarms start blaring and I take off like a rocket. I doublecheck the corners, even explore the park on the Southeast side of 61st and York, all to no avail. No evidence that a phone was even there to begin with.

It's like the Matrix, the Truth is that there is no phone!

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