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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 |
Looking over my logs, I noticed that Firefox has a really large browser share, moreso then I initially expected. But it's also lower then I was hoping. And after reading the bit on about Firefox's growth slowing, I figured I should do my part to help spread the religion (Download firefox now!). Forget about all the nerdy crap you keep reading about viruses and security and all that other stuff, it's too esoteric for me to really get all heated up about. There are three simple reasons to switch to Firefox and make it the default browser. 1) Tabbed browsing. To be honest with you, when I first heard about tabbed browsing, I was not impressed. I actually preferred the multiple window scheme of IE. But after 2 days of trying tabbed browsing, I am hooked for life. If you handle more then 3 applications at once, or if you want to quickly switch between 4 different browser windows at once, tabbed browsing is the way to go. When I look at flickr, I've got my welcome screen in one tab, I've got comments I'm replying to in 2 tabs, and in 3 tabs I'm making comments on other people's photostreams. It's really really convenient. 2) In-browser spellcheck. Firefox lets anybody build extensions for the program. Most of these are fun useless niche things. But you cannot live without Spellbound, an in-browser spell check. Anytime you type in any form on the web, spellbound can spell check it for you. When I'm on IE at work, I find myself cursing at the machine all the time because I have to copy the text to Microsoft Word, run a spell check there, and then copy and paste the text back into the web textbox. Use it for a week, and you'll never be able to live without it. I don't even use the spellcheck in yahoo mail or gmail anymore, it's that easy and fast. Spellcheck! How did I ever live without it? 3) It's FREE! You don't need a $150 software suite. You don't need to buy a buggy $300 OS. You don't need to pay a darn thing, they're giving it away for FREE. With regular updates when people find there are things wrong with it. FREE free free! And it's tiny too, compared to IE. Only 5 mb. You can actually download it via dialup (it'll take an hour), and it's FREE. FREE! How much will it cost you? Nothing! It's FREE! Free free free! The only reason to use IE is becuase your job probably uses some custom in-house software that only works with IE. Of they don't allow any third party apps, even if they are better. Otherwise, if you are still using IE voluntarily, you are simply nuts. Seriously, it's that good. And it's FREE! Go download yourself a copy (and use it!) today. Do you have to fill out a form with your name? Nope. Do you need to pay a fee? Nope. Are they really just giving it away for free, totally and completely free? YES! Free free FREE!


great minds...

I just posted a Firefox pitch on my ph-log today and see you did so yesterday.

I like that I can use my RSS reader (Sage) for Flick'r users.
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