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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 |
IIMA Blogging for Dollars Event 080

IIMA Blogging for Dollars Event 080
Originally uploaded by kk+.
It always boggles my mind that people get paid to blog. I mean, jason Kottke aside (his being a special case because he's essentially begging for blog - Will Blog For Food - although MicroPatron does sound really cool), there are people out there getting paid to blog. Wonkette, Lockhartsomething, that whole Gawker empire I find too obtuse to read, etc.

I blog a lot. I can find links to stuff other people have already linked to days ago. I can't code, but that's what you hire somebody else to do. And I don't mind being poor, apparently. Why aren't I blogging for profit? Why am I giving this good stuff away for free like the other 3 million blogging-for-fun suckers out there?

Oh, that's right, I have no readers.
And my life is pretty boring too.
*shakes fist at advertiser based revenue model*

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