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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 |
Pwned by
Granted, it's not technically spam since I signed up for it, but I dislike doing something based on marketing email only because it encourages more junk email and my inbox is full enough as it is. But I couldn't get the thought of $.17 prints out of my head, and so today I went ahead and uploaded a mess of pictures to be printed. At first it was just snapshots for me, then I thought about some Korea pics I should send back to the family there, then what about some doubles for my cousins, and then before you knew it I had $20 in pics ordered. Of course, I also happened to see that prices were on sale across the board, so then all my artsy shots started calling out my name. "Oh Gene, $.50 for matte 5"x7" prints is not a big deal. You can get $3 frames at Target. You can actually have something nice to put up on a waaaaaaall." Now I am $20 poorer ... again! And I have to buy frames too. What to do, what to do?! A glass or two of vodka later (that would be 2 minutes ago), I came up with the brilliant idea. But going pantsless didn't really seem to help. And it begs an imporant question. Why should good photographers get all the shows? Just because my photos suck eggs does mean anything, I mean, the Backstreet Boys are on tour again, right? So, until my drunken buzz wears off, I am announcing the Jackie/Six Productions' Lame Show. Featuring tiny prints in poor quality frames on non-archival paper (you know, to represent the transient nature of Life), and no (good) postwork. Date To Be Announced, from 8:00pm to 8:02pm at the second table on the left at White Castle/Church's Chicken across from the Empire State Building. 2 cheeseburger minimum, no free wine. It'll be an open show, so if anybody else has bad pictures on poor paper they'd like to embarass themselves with, that's cool. [10:40pm edit: OK, I'm sober now. Show's cancelled. Oh Mr. Vodka, why do you make me so crazy?] (Yes mom, writing these silly posts is what I do instead of calling you.)

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