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Wednesday, April 06, 2005 |
Lotus Notes Blows
It is the tool of the Devil. It is the worst email/contact management software ever. It was written by sadistic programmers to give overstressed office workers more stress. It is pure evil. It will never work properly. It is designed to make things as difficult as possible. The User Interface was designed by superintelligent aliens who wish to ensure that humans never advance enough to challenge their superiority in space. It secretly wishes for you to die. It features a rich programming language that doesn't work. It was built by slave child labor. It secretly plots against you. It will consume months of unnecessary time of your life. Years from now, when the apes have taken over, they will trace Lotus Notes as the root cause of the downfall of Man. Etc. If you have to resort to learning Morse Code and flashing your messages from mountain-top to mountain-top, it will still be easier and less stressful then dealing with Lotus Notes. Probably cheaper too.

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