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Monday, April 25, 2005 | t-shirt = Best. Day. Ever.
Today I came home and found a package stuffed in the mail. From the return label I figured my t-shirt had finally arrived, and I was happy.

While talking on the phone, I opened up the package, and out fell a t-shirt ... and CANDY!!

I had to stop the conversation with a girlish squeal, followed by a little candy dance, and an exclamation that "I got candy in the mail!" I am not ashamed of any of that.

For, you see, I like t-shirts. I like extensions of my membership, and the two free pro-accounts to give away (Thanks flickr!). But what I really like is free candy. In the mail. FREE!

So, while flickr may be crack, is the Best. Site. Ever.
Because a free site without paid membership or a big Yahoo buyout did what Yahoo, MSN, and Google didn't have the balls to do: mail me free candy.

Today is the Best. Day. EVER!

That is all.

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