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Friday, April 08, 2005 |
Undone By A Battery
Today did not go as scheduled. I did some home office work, which generally meant being crippled by the fact that I don't have an adequate home office setup. I need printers, I need paper, I need to be able to jot hasty notes on poor printouts while I grill people on the phone. The ability to do any of that I lack. So I figured I'd just give up and go out and run some errands instead. That's, of course, when people started calling me back in spades. SPADES! All I'm doing is ducking into the post office or into a Starbucks or anyplace that allows for some minor quiet while I try and do the business things I need to do. At least I got my mail (read: bills) done, and the bank went OK. But I managed to get a pretty deep papercut in the process of juggling the phone and my bag, so now both my hands are all injured up. The shopping for fresh veggies fell apart. The plan to take a nice long photowalk had to be cut short. And then, the final indignity. It's always been odd to me that the Manhattan Critical Mass garners so much attention, while the Brooklyn one has stuck to it's roots as a mass ride-along. I haven't yet heard of threats of mass arrest, of lawsuits, of shut down streets. I just hear about bikes and biking. I figured I would go and document this bizzare duality, when the camera blinks something I haven't seen before. The battery is dead. DEAD! Well, that pretty much ruins a perfectly good evening.

Man - dead battery on a bad day complete with papercuts - I feel for you.
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