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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 |
Apple = Evil
I'm not a big fan of Microsoft. OK, actually I hate Microsoft. They're a monopoly, and a not very good one. They make crappy products that almost never work right, and you're always forced to pay more for them. Thanks to their market position they always push for terrible standards and use inferior technology that becomes the standard. And whenever I complain, somebody inevitably suggests Apple. I like Apple products, I like how they function and look and operate. They're very often years ahead of their time. But make no mistake, Apple is just as evil, perhaps even moreso, then Microsoft. They sue their users, they push closed standards, they routinely crush innovation by integrating competing software into the OS, and what's worse is that they're being bullies without at least having the market share to justify being meanies. The attached link is just more evidence that while Steve Jobs may be a genius, he's just the other side of the same coin as Bill Gates.


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