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Saturday, May 21, 2005 |
Bring Me The Bill!
After watchin Revenge of the Sith today, Jeff, Ilsoon, and I headed down to this Chinatown noodle place for some cheap eats. And cheap it was. Service was pretty good too. Except for one thing that pisses the hell out of me all the time. We didn't get our bill. I can't ever understand this. I want to pay. I need to pay. So why don't you bring me the bill?! If you don't bill me, I'm going to get up and walk out the door. So BILL ME already, I've pretty much run out of small talk! We've only been sitting here for an hour, and I even asked for the rest of my meal to be packed up. So get us out of the door so you can get in new customers, and bill me already! So I get up, along with my party, hoping to pay the check at the door at least, when the waitress had the audactity to tell us that we forgot to tip the table. So I told her off, that I'd love to do so, but we never got the damn bill. If she's so concerned about the money, then maybe asking for it during the hour we sat at the table after finishing eating might have been a good idea. I tipped anyway, but next time I'm just gonna give her a tirade of very angry invective.

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