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Sunday, May 15, 2005 |
Don't Use Microsoft Word
I've spent the better part of 2 days not getting anything productive done, and not getting any sleep to boot. Why? Because I made a critical mistake. In trying to put together a test photo book for publication through, I stupidly chose to use a Microsoft product, specifically MS Word. And while it was easy to use, I've now wasted, WASTED 2 days (10 hours total) fighting with Word to get it to print my book as a pdf NOT in letter format. I've tried Acrobat. I've tried cutePDF. I've played with more settings then I knew could exist. I've downloaded multiple versions of ghostwriter, cutePDF, and other test software. Nothing works. And then I had the idea to see if this was a Word problem. Sure enough, it is. 9 x 7 pdf's are produced just fine in literally EVERY SINGLE OTHER GODDAMN SOFTWARE PACKAGE except MS Word. I thought I could be clever and just upload the MS Word file to and let their converter do the work. It turns out that’s converter has problems with word documents too. So, after fighting with Word again for 2 hours, I gave up and resampled the images and redid the layout in Open Office. I’ve now got a shiny new pdf with the full layout and everything, and like last night I now just need to find a broadband connection to upload with. Or spend 4 hours uploading via dialup. But it only took me 2 hours, even though Open Office won't do things the way I want half the time. Still, 2 hours and an end result I like is better then 10 hours and FUCKING NOTHING to show for it. To summerize: MS Word XP absolutely refuses to print any pdf in anything but 8.5×11 size. Firefox has no problems, photoshop has no problems, OpenOffice has no problems; just Word. So if you want to do anything serious that isn’t in letter size, DON’T USE WORD. If I had used OpenOffice to begin with, I’d have the damn BETA book ordered already, 2 days ago. I can't emphasis this enough: DON’T USE WORD if you want to actually be productive.

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