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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 |
Dying of Laughter
It's been a pretty busy past few days, emptionally too. Lots of highs and lows. The photobook project is at the hardest part now, the part where I've got to sit down and do all the planning. How large can pictures be. What kind of headers do I do. What leaglize should I include. Borders, spacing, etc. How do people submit. How do I distribute the pics for judging. Who should judge. These are all the hard hard questions I need answers for before Friday, which I've just now decided is the launch date. It's been a rollercoaster. What really got me depressed big time was the realization that I have no mechanism to recieve entries. I thought email would be OK, but then I realize that everybody is using some sort of web form to upload the pics. I dont even know what happens after that. Does it go into a mySQL database> Does it get ftp'd to a server. Does it get emailed to a box with the other fields parsed? I don't know. I won't know in time. So that was the depressed side. The bounce back to the high side was that I noticed that all the pics I'm using for testing come up under 5 mb, so they CAN be emailed. Which is what I'll have people do. If the book is a success, I'll invest some cash and put out to bid a more clean interface. Maybe actually use Daylo for a change. Outside of that is work, which is a constant high-low situation. Maybe I have made a really big mistake. I'm not getting younger, and I'm not getting paid anywhere near where I need to get paid, and I'm not exactly growing professionally in this position. There is room for me to take over some things, but everytime I do it's always the wrong decision and I get the smackdown. So, I'm not exactly rushing to go the extra mile anymore, and it shows. And then there's the personal life. It's actually a lot better then before. But I keep meeting girls who turn into black holes. All the emails I send out or phone messages I leave just disappear into the aether. It's like I'm asking a brick wall out to dinner, only a brick wall sometimes will at least drop a brick on your head. It's a bit depressing. I am getting out more, meeting more people, and kinda living that hip young life I always dreamed about. Too bad I'm all old now. Laughable Hype was great, especially Aziz Ansari. Took the cousin to go see it, and he seemed to enjoy it. I am so calling Murry Hill Xander's Pass from now on. Dunno if I can get away calling the Upper West Side Milftown, tho. Of course, rather then going home right away, I decided to play some xbox with Ilsoon (The rental guy's reaction: You have got to be kidding me.), which apparently is the true mark of lameness. So I wasn't quite feeling like the hippist cat in town anymore. But otherwise it seemed to be good. So that's life in the nutshell. We'll see how the rollercoaster turns tomorrow.

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