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Wednesday, May 25, 2005 |
The Eureka Moment
I recall watching a PBS show about stroke victims. How, with intense therapy, you can retrain the brain to bypass the affected areas and regain a lot of lost function (brain and phsyical). I especially recall this one guy who simply lost the ability to read. He saw lettes, he knew that they go together with physical sounds, and he knew they made words, but for the life of him he couldn't read. And then, one day, he's getting out of the car to get groceries with his wife, and all of a sudden, it comes together. It means WalMart. And, just like that, he can read again. He was hard pressed to put into words that Eureka moment. I had something very very very much unlike that. But it was my Eureka moment for the day. It was when I kinda put together the fact that I know I think I went to high school with that guy! I think. Anyway, congrats to him on his marriage. Looks like they'll be very happy together.


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