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Sunday, May 01, 2005 |
I Gotta Make Some Changes
It's a conculsion I've come to today. Professionally, socially, personally, financially, it's all the same: I haven't a clue. I really can't discuss why I've come to this conclusion, as pretty much everything would be complicated if I were to make public comment, but in each and every situation it's become glaringly obvious that I'm all a lost at sea without a paddle. Somewhere there was a fork in the road, and I took the wrong one and now I'm lost in the woods without a compass to find my way back to the road. I subconsiously sensed this, and tried making some halfhearted efforts at finding direction this week, but I was too wishy washy to get it done. And that's, in fact, what led me to this rather startling conclusion. It's like that episode of Seinfeld where George gets engaged. I was trucking along all normal like, and then a few minor events brings it all into sharp focus: What is this? What am I doing? What kind of life is this? I'm not a man. I'm a child. I gotta make some changes. So that's it. Starting tomorrow, changes are a coming.

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