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Thursday, May 05, 2005 |
Lame Choices
What could possibly be lamer then ditching out of kinda talking to two girls (real live girls!) at a gallery (ie: free wine) to buy an xbox memory card at Best Buy? Realizing that you forgot your Best buy gift card at home. While in line. :: Anyway, the Hey Hot Shot show at the Jen Bekman gallery was nice. Some of the art really impressed me, especially Donald Andrew Agarrat's series on his multiple selves. He was a really nice guy, and I highly recommend looking at his work whenever you get the chance. Diane Meyer's pieces were also nice. I like the Jen Bekman gallery a lot for many reasons (it's close, it's convenient, it's really supportive of the whole photoblog community), but there is one major complaint I have, and that is it's tiny. It's impossible to actually get inside, and once inside it's impossible to get to see the actual art. I understand the openning reception is more about the buzz and the networking and the free wine, but throw me a bone here because I'm actually interesting in the art. Seriously. I go to see the art and maybe chat it up with the artist. But mostly to see the art. And the place is not geared for that unless it's nearly empty. Too bad, there was some good stuff there. Oh. I also ran into Janelle, which was a pleasant suprise, although I didn't get much chance to talk, for Youngna arived shortly thereafter. And, I, of course, left at that point for my sad errand. :: Oh, and happy Cinco deMayo! Hope you had some fun with the tequila!

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