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Monday, June 27, 2005 |
Birthday Wrap-Up
So I finally turned 30. I had a bit of a panic, and that whole mortality thing came up again (it terrifies me so). But otherwise, it was nice and slow. I had thought about doing a big thing with people, but in the end I just wanted to be left alone and reflect on the complete and utter failure my life has become day. I finally took the day off on Sunday, and that felt great. Decided to treat myself, and so dinner was takeout. Mermaid parade was fun, but I got a little burned, and forgot to buy Cyclones tickets. The DIY air-conditioner failed, but mostly because I forgot to build a proper heat exchange (The copper tubing is the heat pump, not the exchange. I should know this from taking apart enough broken air-conditioners by now. They all have the copper tubing in the back, but it's always hooked up a large metal gridding, which is where the heat exchange takes place.). And Sunday was full of promise and hope, but ended up being a really lazy day spent at home. It was nice. But I still need cake, a candle, the Happy Birthday Song, and presents. Lots and lots of presents. Somebody buy me some crap already! :: The Week Ahead: Tuesday: The Fly Wednesday: Lowes for more DIY supplies Thursday: Maybe Cyclones game at Staten Island, or Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn Friday: Friday Photowalk, Early Bed Saturday: Virginia Sunday: Tutoring

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