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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 |
I don't know if you count this as part of step 5 (via ernie), but I haven't been posting anything for pretty much the month of June. Truth be told, I haven't been doing anything really active with the computer at all for the past 2 weeks, and that includes keeping track of my daily account balances (bad, bad LarimdaME, you might be overdrawn at the bank now). It seems more logical to attribute my lightweight posting to other factors rather then simply blaming it on the blog lifecycle. The dawning depression that sweeps over me as I fast (TOO FAST!) approach the big Three Oh might have something to do with it. I promised myself that I wouldn't totally freak out until after the big day, but it seems that I've already begun a bit early. Besides the fact that I've completely wasted my life and will die alone, poor and alone (yes, I know i wrote "alone" twice, leave me alone) ... actually, that's pretty much it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be off playing Peasant's Quest. (A game where the goal is to get yourself smelly, poor, and on fire? Now that's a game I'm in the mood for!)

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