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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 |
Call Your Senator
Remember how you can record TV shows on your VCR Tivo your favorite TV shows? Well, kiss that baby goodbye, Broadcast Flag is coming to town! When it was put to open debate, it of course died. What senator is crazy enough to openly vote FOR a measure that takes lots of stuff voters can do right now, and makes it all illegal/inoperable. Only 2, it turns out. So what do they do? Hear the voice of the people and move on? Or take the Hollywood money and try to sneak it in the back door? The latter, of course! And that's where we are today. While a big appropriations bill is in committee, the measure is being snuck in. What does Broadcast Flag do? It forces hardware makers to put in a system that prevents anything being marked as copyright from being copied. Which sounds almost reasonable, except that it won't account for Fair Use, or even allow you to circumvent it if YOU OWN THE COPYRIGHT. And I can guarantee that EVERYTHING will be labeled copyright. In short, everything you can do now (record your favorite cartoons to watch during the week), you won't be able to do. Unless you pay Hollywood $20 a pop. CALL YOUR SENATOR (see link for list of senators and their numbers). Don't have to say much, just say "vote NO on Broadcast Flag".


Here is a direct link to the EFF Action Alert. Use it to notify washington what you think... Do it now !!!
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