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Friday, July 15, 2005 |
Things To Do In The Summer
Fun Summer Tip #1 Get a little tipsy Go to outdoor movie in park Lie down Add even parts sarcasm and sillyness, mix well Laugh uproariously along with everyone else at all the unintentionally inappropriate dialogue in Gidget. Enjoy shooting stars :: Tonight's plan is to hit up the Gotham Girls Rollerderby bout, and maybe get a few good pics. I had been planning this all along since the mermaid parade, when I saw them prepare for the parade (but oddly enough, could not find pictures of them in the parade). But then word got out on the NYCPB site, so I expect others to show. Which is good and bad in that I get to meet other people, but bad in that I'm gonna have to compete for good shots and can't just be lazy about it. I'm bringing both lenses, so we'll see how I do on a self imposed "assignment". :: Last bit of photography related news. Looks like I'll again have competing photography socials next week. This happenned before, when some people were meeting up for the swoon show, and the regular crowd was gathering for drinks on a boat. I managed to do both, but it was quite a scramble. This time, it's The NYCPB meetup and my normal flickr meetup, at the same time and night, of course. I shall attempt to do a quick stop at both, but I'll probably miss the truely great action at both this way. Why do they have to schedule it for the same night? My calendar is so light, I could do two different things in a week. In fact, it'd be nice to have two nights of going out instead of one crazy night of trying to do both. Oh well, at least they're in the same general areas.

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