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Thursday, August 04, 2005 |
The Quick Wrap-up
After seeing just a little bit of Alzheimer's way back when, I'm deathly afraid of losing my memories. This is why I blog. This is why I photograph. This is why I kept a journal. I'm trying to keep a record of what the mur is going on to me, and maybe in a few decades I'll have the emotional strength to go back and look through all this crap. Perhaps the warm patina of nostalga will actually make it seem funny and cute by then too. So what the mur happenned to me anywany? Oh, that's right, I had to help out the uncle's family with the drycleaning store for a few days as he had that whole surgury thing. Yeah, that was fun, if by fun you mean mindbogglingly tedious followed by brief interruptions of panic. Didn't burn down the store, but give me a few more days and I'm sure I could accomplish that too. Did manage to turn the internal clothes tracking system into total chaos. And because I didn't followup rigorously enough with my cousins, I nearly lost a very valuable customer. All in all, par for the course. Thankfully, the uncle is doing well so far. Stopped by the Hey Hot Shot Summer show at the Jen Bekman gallery, with its inadequate air conditioning. Combine the fact that I was melting and running late, made for a very short pop-in type visit. As usual some fine pieces of work, and as usual all out of my budget. Didn't even bother with the free wine, which I noted was chilled to perfection. (Perfection of course being anything cool enough to start "sweating".) And then there's the cat I am caring for. Scardy cat it is, for after many many visits she has finally consented to allowing me to pet her. Briefly. Not unlike my current romantic situation, only the girls won't let me pet them. If only briefly. Otherwise I don't recall there being much else going on in life. Visited a co-worker's father in the hospital, finally watched Princess Mononoka (or whatever), and am being eaten alive by some bugs. These bites are really swelling up quite large. I'm gonna have to post them to flickr. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for Capture The Flag in DUMBO.

so this is why people blog and photograph? to me it's more of a need to express myself from the shallow hole that is my life. :P
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