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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 |
Worried For Nothing
Talked to the bro last night. Nothing special, just shot the breeze. What was funny was how he was a little concerned about me since I haven't been posting pictures to my flickr photostream at my usually torrential pace. I've just got a big big case of the blahs, I really should have planned better and taken a week vacation or something. But it did get me thinking about how I have noticed that Brian Van hasn't posted any pictures at all this month, so I began to get a little worried about him. Unfortunately, he doesn't link his blog to his flickr profile (What's up with that? Don't like getting more traffic to the blog?), so I just spent the last hour tracking down what it was. Along the way I somehow ran across Chad's blog, and a whole subculture I am missing at Pete's Candy Store. But in the end, I shouldn't have worried at all, as he was just on a date. Meanwhile, I am probably going to go play Halo 2 ... by myself ... at an internet cafe. Kinda sad, no?

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