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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 |
Department of People Who Are Supposed to be Making Sure We're Secure But It's Unclear If They Got That Memo!
That's a pretty good approximation of Department Of Homeland Security, and why we like Jen Chung (because she brings the funny). :: In completely unrelated news, I forgot to vote today in the NYC Primary. Which is not THAT big a deal, because I don't know what political affiliation I put down anyway (Green? Republican? Jedi? Liberty?), all I do know is that it is NOT Democrat, which is the party with any real primary races. In essense, my vote really doesn't count today, so I don't feel bad. I do feel bad, however, because I missed my chance to play with the Big! Machine! with Giant! Red! Handle! (I've been reading too much If you know anything about me, it's that I love to vote, because we use these ancient giant mechanical voting machines that count your vote into the black box via a Giant! Red! Lever! you have to Pull! with Great! Force! and makes a lovely Loud! Metal! Vote counting Sound! (OK, I'll stop with the exclamation points now.) It's this wonderful geary toy that you only get to play with only once a year, like Christmas, only better because that wonderful mechanical ca-chunk you hear? That's democracy in action, baby. And why did I miss my chance to flip switches and pull levers? Because I had to get into the office extra early to make sure the Verizon technician could get in. Only nobody ever showed up, and our contact at Verizon had the whole thing wrong in the first place, and we finally got it fixed in the afternoon after she talked to Programming. So, Verizon, in addition to wasting 4.5 hours of my workweek, you also cost me my vote. I will be billing you shortly.

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