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Friday, September 09, 2005 |
Things Not To Do When Buying Plane Tickets
It's official, I am going to Korea end of this month. Just a short visit, nothing more. And also valuable education lesson. You see, when you hear rumors that an airline might be going into bankruptcy, you should do the safe and selfish thing and NOT BUY TICKETS FROM THEM. I was silly and did the opposite of that, for I felt that the airline would keep flying and wasn't in serious danger of going into Chapter 11. Northwest, of course, proved me all wrong, because they went ahead and suspended my return flight. Apparently the fuel for the flight was too expensive, so they're just outright suspending non-stop service. I had to call up the reservations desk and rebook (at no extra charge, thankfully) to fly into Detroit, and then from there into La Guardia. Which makes it three planes, and not the blissful two I had previously. And of course, I had to find out about the suspension from ... the newspaper! Yesterday's New York Times, in fact. Which is only slightly better then for Jack, the very nice reservations guy who rebooked my flight. He found out from me. The take home message, of course, is not to book with Northwest in the future, until they get that whole bankruptcy thing settled out.

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