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Monday, October 31, 2005 |
Gene's Jean Jacket

Gene's Jean Jacket
Originally uploaded by LarimdaME.
My trusty 80's Levi's lined jean jacket came into question this weekend. I've had it since high school, maybe even before, and I got called out on it by some really old high school friends. The rule of thumb is that the jean jacket comes out in the fall when it gets cold, and it stay on until it hits 32 degrees, whereupon I switch to the trusty overcoat. The jean jacket gets almost no airtime in Spring, as I wear the overcoat until it hits the 70's.

I've been wearing it since forever, and it shows. It's not vintage, it's authentic. I've patched the sleeves, but the cuffs are coming off, the last of the label tore away years ago, and the base trim is fast coming apart. The lining, good old flannel before flannel became a suburban fashion statement, is wearing away in all sorts of odd places. It was scheduled to be retired last year, but I couldn't bear to let it go quite yet.

It's not because I'm cheap (although I am), or that I particularily like the jacket (it's pretty dated and the sleeves are too short), but it's been my fall jacket for so long, it's become part of Fall itself. And it also happens to be the last piece of anything that my aunt ever gave me, and I think about her a little bit each time I put it on.

It's been nearly two years now since she passed away. I miss you Yimo.

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