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Thursday, October 27, 2005 |
Goodbye Wal-Mart
I occasionally shop at Wal-Mart. I'm not proud to say this, but something when you need a dozen cans of spam cheap, it's really the best deal in town. And every time I go there I buy just a little more then I planned to when I started, as the prices really are that low low low. Last night I was reading an article in the New York Times about how a leaked memo from Wal-Mart showed some internal discussions on containing health care costs. I understand the need to contain major medical costs, I mean that is a large part of what I do for a living, help small businesses shop around for better, cheaper coverage. But this is going a little too far, and shows a clear contempt for their employees. Hiring only healthy employees, only younger employees, only part time employees; and worrying about dependant children going onto Medicaid purely because of the negative publicity it would generate? It's one thing to try and contain costs, it's another to methodically plan to screw over your own employees in an attempt to pad the bottom line. I'm no Communist, and I still believe that big box stores aren't inherently evil, but I don't have to live in Pottersville either. I'm voting with the only thing that Wal-Mart apparently gives a damn about, my dollars. Goodbye Wal-Mart, I'll never spend my hard earned money with you again. :: The memo broke here first, or you can read the offending memo without the hyperbolic commentary.

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