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Friday, October 28, 2005 |
Little Bit Blue
I figured it was the rain, but it's something else that has me a bit blue these past few weeks. At first I thought it was post-vacation run-down, but I think it started while I was over there. I'm not too sure what the deal-o is, but I've been a bit blue as of late. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a horrible horrible person that can't keep any of my commitments and am constantly letting people down. I'm like that a lot, overpromise and underdeliver. Or maybe it's the fact that the trip scored home the point that I'm just a little bit lonely. I've tried a bit to get out of that patch, but not very hard, I'm afraid; and I am a horrible horrible person, so that tends to turn off the ladies. Well, whatever the cause, I've gone back into seclusion yet again. I just need to order a new comforter so I can properly hide underneath my bedsheets in the morning. Waitaminute, this isn't my Lifejournal account!

You're no "horrible horrible" person-don't be so hard on yourself! (is that convincing?? well, its suppose to be)

oh yeah, in case you're wondering, my friend forwarded me this link a few days back-hope you don't mind.

Take it easy for now...
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