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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 |
Memories of Seoul Part 2
In shorter three paragraph version. The first day (and yes, I will be doing a day by day recap) was wet. Raining like the end of the world was at hand, and Noah was right all along: Buy Flood Insurance. Oh, and build a big ass boat too. And repent, in case you missed the memo on flood insurance and the boat. And it never really stopped raining for me until two days ago (in case you missed the last post). The hair, which was long as I couldn't get a haircut because my barber has a waitlist at 9:30am, apparently, was all fritzing out. Bags were heavy, exchange rate was signifigantly higher then I got in the USA, and the line for forgeiners was insanely long. Which would have been a bit of sweet sweet revenge for all the family members I've ditched in the "Immigrant" line coming into the US, if not for the fact that the Korean Citizen lines were nearly as long. Got my passport stamped, got my luggage right away (hooray for nonstandard luggage, easy to spot at the carosel), and got past customs (If you have nothing to declare, you just walk right past the customs guards! Sweet!), and then into the pen. The pen is that roped off area where you step out and look at all the strangers gathered around the fence, and pray that your family is amongst them or else you're screwed. So after a few flashbacks to when I was 5 and got lost in the park, I spotted the uncle and cousin NOT NOTICING ME (thanks guys), and exited ... ... Around the side of the pen and behind them, just to give them a little jolt and scare. I'm mean like that. We pack the car full of my crap, and head off to their giant ass condo in the sky. Some minor confusion over where I'm going to stay during my trip (it would have been a good idea for me to decide that BEFORE going to Korea instead of 11:59pm the night I arrive), and it was off to bed. But not before I was given The Towel. The Towel my mom bought when she was in Korea because she is so Americanized that she cannot stand the tiny tiny towels they use there (the size of hand or dish towels). They haven't used it since, as it is just TOO BIG. And that's when I knew I wasn't in Kansas any longer. [editor's note: I've never been to Kansas]

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