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Monday, October 10, 2005 |
Tips To Take When Traveling
I'm back from Korea. I'm still a little jet lagged, so I'll skip the trip descriptions, which will come in following posts, and just stick to a short post on some tips I picked up along the way. Check the weather forcast constantly, because those long range forecasts are just no good. If not renting a car, get a ride from the airport. ALWAYS get a ride from the airport. Don't bother changing much money at all until you are in-country. Have a plan. It doesn't have to be a good plan, but always have a plan. Never EVER buy food/drink at the airport. EVER. Learning how to count the local currency might be a good idea. Bring a tripod. As soon as you buy a calling card, you'll never need it again. Buy in small demoninations. Never get seats in the rear of a section, unless you like being ignored. Find people who want to practice their English, and then toture them with erudite sentences of questionably complex length. Loads of fun, guaranteed. If you want authentic local food, better learn the language, because they don't print nice color picture menus at the literal hole in the wall underneath the stairs in the basement of the wholesaler market.

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