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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 |
The Captain Part 2
So the Captain came into town, again, last night. Was a loser and didn't pick him up at the airport, which was a big bummer as I was ranting and raving about the airport pickup a while back (essentially, if someone doesn't pick you up at the airport, they're dead inside). And somehow, got the conference company (he's in town on business) to pick up the tab for a delightful dinner at Luna something-or-other (there was wine involved). Being a worknight, we called it a night at midnight, as opposed to our traditional 3am, and and I even managed to get home despite a goodbye shot of tequila. And I have no idea what their product does, but if an iRise sales vendor by the name of Dave stops by with some sort of project management/development software, buy a license or three. Everyone I talked to had nothing but glowing things to say about the stuff, even though they were all in widely different fields (finance, hotels, etc.).

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