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Friday, December 23, 2005 |
NYC MTA Transit Workers Union Strike Is Over, It's A Festivus Miracle!
Happy Festivus! And now the airing of grievences. The MTA is a bunch of greedy, corrupt, incompetant, inept morons who couldn't tie their shoeslaces if the livihood of 7 million people depended on it. But the TWU are a bunch of greedy selfish heartless sons of bitches because they did the calculations and decided that for a single issue in their already overly rich pacakge, that it was OK to screw over 7 million people and damn the concequences ... for US. They talk about demanding respect and dignity, what what about the fucking respect for US, the riding public?! When the fuck are we going to get some god damned respect from these overpaid pompus motherfuckers!?! We have jobs, we have lives, we have budgets that are smaller then their outsized paypackages. When I want a raise, I don't go out and slash the tires of a TWU member, but they got no problem in cripping my commute for their own selfish needs. And if you dare point out that they are being jackasses, they have the gall to label you as anti-union. The police union deserves a fair deal, the teachers union deserves a fair deal, the firefighters union deserves a fair deal, but none of them decided to collectively screw us all over. So fuck you TWU, fuck you all! And now, the feats of strength! *tries to wrestle Jerry Stiller to the ground*

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