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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 |
What I Want For Christmas
What I want for Christmas can't be put in a box or bought from a store. I want companionship, someone to go to the movies or curl up on the couch with. To fall alseep with at night, and have hang on my arm as I tell a funny story. I want to ride the subway and not worry about the guy with the shopping cart full of oily boxes with wires coming out of them on my car (happenned yesterday). I want to give everyone a simple card and donate the shopping budget to the food bank without fear of social isolation. I want a third weekend day so I can visit people or tour the city or work out or do whatever the hell I want to do that I can't do now. I want a job that I look forward to in the morning, yet that I can leave without hesitation at 5 o'clock. I want to walk into a restaurant and look at a menu without the first thought being about how this will impact the food budget. I want to be happy most of the time, and not worry too much about tomorrow. But that's pretty crappy to tell someone when they're slugging it out at Macy's debating whether I'd prefer some gloves or a nice knit hat (the answer, mom, is gloves). So, just in case someone I know is reading this (and according to the referrer logs, they're not), what I want for Christmas that can be ordered/bought/ebay'd: Video game system, emphasis on cheap and portable. GameboySP would be good. Socks. Dress socks. I go though them like crazy. Gloves. I just lost my left glove. Bacon of the Month club. Seriously. Wine. Red. But I can't tell the difference between $100 and $15 wine. Camera accessories. I own a Nikon D70. Computer accessories. 512mb notebook memory or Quicktime Pro is nice. Food. Not candy, not dessert, food. 3 cans of Hormel beef stew would rock. Hip clothing. I am page 3 of the Old Navy brochure. Help! (L, waist 36, inseam 34) Tie/cufflinks/scarf/etc. Small kitchen tools (mandolin, Popeil onion chopper, etc.) No gift cards/certificates. I never use them. Essentially, I'll love anything so long as it's not tacky. Unless it's truely gaudy, I love every gift I get, and will use it until it wears down and breaks. Oh, and hot babes would be nice too.

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