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Monday, January 09, 2006 |
I've Discovered Music
Today I finally went ahead and bought my first new CD in more then 3 years. A combination of not having the cash to spend on frivilous things like music, and a philosophical objection to the DRM and copyright bull that the major labels want you to swallow while they buy off the politicians and rig the laws to favor their greedy asses. I like the band, it's an indie label (I hope) and it wasn't too expensive. That being said, I've noticed that my food consumption has gotten ridiculously out of control, pocketbook and waistline-wise. So I'm cutting it back to $10/day for all three meals, tops (that's $10 a day TOTAL). We'll see how long it holds (rice is cheap, raw, so that makes up for a lot). But back to the music, the lovely music. It's the CD by Dear Leader, which I caught in concert 1 year ago. My only gripe is that the song Nation is a slow version, while I prefer the loud raucus fast version that I found on their concert download page. In effect, I prefer the free concert songs better then the CD I just bought. But as I explained before, this makes financial sense (for the band). For while my $10 was spent once for the CD, I shall gladly pony up another $10 for when they roll into town for another concert. If they came once a year, I'd probably go every year. And that revenue stream is much better then a one-time CD purchase. Sadly, they rarely come down from Boston, which is probably for the best. That $10 is my mealmoney for a day!

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