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Friday, February 24, 2006 |
Long Shot
Letting opportunities slip by seems to be my modus operandi, as I just now realized that the dealine for the Jen Beckman "Hey Hot Shot!" exhibition entries just passed a few days ago. While I had struggled with decision, I had finally decided to take the plunge and enter the competition this quarter, processing fee be damnned. But, of course, it totally slipped my mind, and now the time has passed. Which brings me to another matter of much less certain outcome, a photojournalist job listing that my kind cousin was nice enough to pass along (especially nice as I don't have any corporate lawyer job opennings that I can pass along to her). It's a very long shot, as I have no real portfolio or experience, but there is no processing fee, and part of my New Year's Resolutions were to stop letting good things pass me by. Well, that and to pick up girls at the bar more often, but I like to take these things in baby steps.

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