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Thursday, April 13, 2006 |
Death and ...

Originally uploaded by tizzie.
Once again I find myself coming up to the deadline to do my taxes, with the taxes part being the least of my worries.

For you see, I withhold more then I owe, so I usually look forward to a nice fat refund. Tax day is therefor a good thing. So why, oh why, do I procrastinate?

Because I usually delay putting money into the IRA until I know what my tax situation is. Ironically, if it is a good situation (ie: if I didn't put too much into the 401k) then I can put the max into the IRA.

And therein lies the dilemma, for the more I can put in, the bigger the bite out of my checking account.

Or, to put it simply, I am getting a nice big refund, but I'm going to have to write far bigger check to the IRA if I want to max the contribution for tax year 2005.

Which I do. I'm sure 30 years from now, the fact that I socked away $4,000 extra dollars into a tax deferred account will look like a great move. I'm positive that it is a sound financial planning decision.

But it hurts now. Kinda like cough medicine. Or beets. I'm sure it's good for me, but I'd rather delay the pain until the last minute.

But, of course, I only have until tomorrow to actually do it (technically Monday, but I don't want to push it). So tonight I'll have to swallow my medicine, and tomorrow I'll write up that big painful check for my stupid future.

*shakes fist at well funded future*

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