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Friday, April 21, 2006 |
Living on a Prayer

Bon Jovi
Originally uploaded by CowBoyGirlBeth.
about 20 years ago, Bon Jovi first hit it big. I was but a whee kid then, in private prep school no less, so the whole phenomenom kinda blew past me entirely. But I remember some great tunes on the radio, and certainly in the 20 years since I've been exposed to countless renditions of their music at bars, MTV, and the like.

Two weeks ago was the first time I got good and drunk, which is naturally the best state of mind to be in to really "get" the music, man (btw, I love you, no, no, really, I LOVE you man! *passes out*). Hanging out with fun people helps, a lot.

Somehow I find myself in a drunken circle with others, screaming along the lyrics of Living on a Prayer. Which I now, cannot get out of my head. I find myself sing it in the elevator, while working, in the shower, all the time. All the time!

But that's all right,
Because we've got hold on to what we've got ...

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